Exclusive Workshop - 11 August 2021.
Raising Kids with A Positive Body Image.

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The POSITIVE way to address your child’s weight

Without controlling their (too big) portions,
calculating their (carb-loaded) calorie intake,
or destroying their (already fragile) self-esteem

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15 March 2021

12 March 2021

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Does this sound familiar?

Your child:

Eats way too much than they could be hungry for

(more than his father)

Is obsessed with food

(it’s the first thing they ask for when you fetch them from school)

Is gaining weight quickly

(growing out of their pants every few weeks)

Has no off-button when it comes to food

(unless you remind them to stop eating cake)

Feels ashamed of their body

(they’re embarrassed to wear her swimming costume)

So, you find yourself

Matter-of-factly asking them if they are full

Not-so-gently reminding them to chew slowly

Distracting them when they ask for seconds

(and thirds and fourth)

Effortfully preparing elaborate nutritious meals

Droning on about the importance of vegetables

(and protein)

Forcing them to eat salad if they are still hungry after dinner

But it’s just . not . working.

If you’re honest, all your efforts are making it worse.

You love your child.  And, all you want is for them to be healthy,
eat well.

But you don’t know how to get them to stop eating so much.

Your child’s non-stop eating, their protruding stomach and rapidly-increasing weight consumes your thoughts.

You know you shouldn’t But you can’t help yourself from

Your child feels the disapproval, the embarrasment & resents you trying to control them

.They roll their eyes at you, and binge eat when you’re not looking.

They glance at you guilty when they ask for another piece of lasagne.

It’s a bubbling tension, clouding every interaction and impacting your relationship.

And to make things worse, everyone has noticed.

Your mother who calls her chubby as a “joke”

Your father who tells everyone that Sarah’s appetite is as big as an elephant

Your sister asking you if you’ve checked their thyroid or tried keto-for-kids

You’re worried, guilt-ridden and torn.

But it’s the gnawing uncertainty that’s the worst.

How much should you let them eat?

Should you ration their bread?

How many helpings of pasta is too much?

How do you know if they are full?

How do you make sure they don't struggle with their body like you did?

Is it your fault?

Truth 1: having a bigger-than-average child is difficult.

Truth 2: everything you’ve done is because you love your child

You’re terrified that your child will

Be overweight

Be bullied + teased

Never stop eating (unless you tell him to)

Fight with food on a daily basis and enter the cycle of yo-yo dieting

You want them to

Be healthy

Not be teased

Have healthy habits

Feel great in their body

Eat a nutritious balanced diet

But research shows, that despite parents’ best intentions, most children in these situations end up:

It’s not your fault.

Everything you’ve been told: about diets, carbs & normal growth is wrong.

But, If you carry on along this path, your child will suffer from exactly what you’re trying to prevent: a lifetime of fighting food, makes poor food choices and hating their body.

How the course works:

…. guarantee your child has a healthy relationship with food, and eats normally?

….help your child’s weight, without harming their self-esteem?

….empower your child to eat when they are hungry and stops when they are full

(even when you’re not around to remind them)?

….give your child the gift of being normal around all foods (cheesecake in included)

With the right tools, knowledge and support - you can

Hi, I’m Eliana and I’m here to give you the tools you are searching for so your child can eat normally and feel confident in their bodies,- for now and for life. My journey into Intuitive Eating and sDOR began when my eldest child stopped growing. I then encountered how negative the body messages us parents get, and how while we want to do right, we often end up harming our kids. I learned the science behind healthy eating habits, and positive body images and now, it’s my mission to share that with you.

Parenting is hard enough - without fighting about food. I’ve helped hundreds of families end the stress around eating, and restore healthy eating.

I always believed I was an overweight child. But I had a host of unhealthy food-related behaviours, a looong history of dieting, and a flawed body image. While I have made enormous strides in my own relationship with food and eating, I found myself defaulting to trying to ‘manage’ my 9yo’s weight and body.. Eliana is helping me to become aware of these tendencies and to engage differently with a) how my child eats, b) her pre-teen body, and c) prevailing diet culture. Eliana’s content has also given me the words to present this way of thinking to my husband. Eliana herself is a marvel: smart, assertive, kind and firm. Her courses are fantastic.

Tiffany Markman

I was worried that my daughter’s sudden change in eating was an emotional escape. Now, she eats the amount that she feels comfortable with. Food isn’t such a focus. I have let go of anxiety around food and now trust my child knows what they need and what’s good for her body and I accept her for who she is. Every child is different. What surprised me most was how quickly I noticed a shift in her behaviour around food when I changed gear. My stuff was projecting onto her. Mealtimes used to be stressful and anxiety-provoking and now are a connecting time and a trusting space”

Tzivia P, mom of 8-year-old

What if you had the exact tools & right outlook to ensure your child has a healthy weight, loves their body – without your control?


Based on the leading research in preventing eating disorders

Empowers parents to give the child the support they need to be healthy

Looks at emotional & physical relationship to food

Eliminate risks of disordered eating by evoking genuine lasting confidence

After this course...

The child will develop an innate healthy relationship to food & your body - which will enable you to enjoy food, eat the right amount and feel confident in your body for life

re-engages child's innate intuitive eating ability: the parent stops needing to police the child, as the child returns to his normal eating ability

And help you to...... For your child to eat a healthy diet, self-regulate and have confidence in your body

When you embrace this research-backed method so you can end the weight worries, and give your child the gift of a healthy relationship with food, for now and life.

Eliminates all stress & anxiety

Restores relationship between parent and child

Food becomes non-issue and child begins self-regulating

"Having an overweight daughter is not easy. Every day is a battle - not with your daughter - but within YOURSELF. Eliana’s course gave me hope and encouragement that it's not only about the now. It's about your daughter’s whole life-and her relationship with food. I'm so grateful that I did the course before I messed her up- as my job is NOT to make my daughter thin-it's to help her have a good self- esteem and a healthy body.”

MP, mom of 10-year-old girl

“I have learned that everyone has different bodies and how to accept that. I trust how his body needs to develop and I have noticed my child leaving food on his plate. I learned that body weight does not define people. I was surprised how our attitudes and conversations affected the issues. We have more family meals, and mealtimes are relaxed instead of stressful."

AR, mom of 12 year-old-boy

How does it work?

Understand the science behind weight, growth and your child

Define your long and short-term goals for your child’s emotional + physical well-being

Explore the consequences of making an issue of your child's weight, and how to fix it

Learn & implement DOR in your family and schedule

Attain the exact formula of what to say and how to react to their eating and body issues

Master the dialogue of a body-positive household

After this liberating and empowering course...

You will understand...

Your child will...

How the course works:

Limited slots.

Extra curated resources to deepen your knowledge

Practical solutions designed to fit into your real life

Customized + ongoing support

Confidential, compassionate &, non-judgemental guidance

You could carry on rationing the pasta, giving them “the look”, feeling embarrassed by your child’s flabby stomach and cringing when you buy them pants 4 sizes above their age….

Or you could give your child the gift of lifelong body confidence and bring back calm & peace to the family table – and connect deeply with your child again!

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