Exclusive Workshop - 11 August 2021.
Raising Kids with A Positive Body Image.

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Honest question for all insightful, proactive and caring parents:

Has your child ever asked you...

"Do I look fat?"
"Can I go on diet?"
"Why is my stomach so big?"

...and you had no idea how to answer?

Many of us were told (by well-meaning relatives and friends) as kids:

  • You’re not fat, you’re beautiful.

  • Do you really need to eat dessert?

  • You have such a pretty face….if only you were thinner.

We remember the shame we felt for looking a certain way. That there was something wrong with us. That we were not worthy and needed to fix ourselves to be loved or accepted. 

Maybe, we carry around the pain and and lack of confidence today.

We want to give our kids a different relationship with their body.

Whe want them too feel confident and secure - no matter what shape or size they are. But we have NO idea how to respond when our kids say:

The bad news:

The world is obsessed with having the perfect body. 

Diet culture, weight obsession and pressure to look the “right” way floods our lives every second. 

The worse news:

When it comes to talking to our kids about weight and health, our intuition is usually WRONG.

Without the right perspective, we may do the exact opposite of what we want: 

Make our kids hate their bodies.

The GOOD news!

You can learn the exact way to raise kids who respect and appreciate their bodies.

If you had knowledge, facts and awareness, you CAN raise kids who have a healthy relationship to their (ever-changing) bodies. 

"Raising kids with a positive body image in a weight-obsessed world""

A live, interactive workshop to give you the foundation of raising kids who accept and respect their bodies - for LIFE.

You will discover:

  • the hidden reason kids struggle with body image (and why it’s got nothing to do with their weight)
  • how to give your kids genuine self-esteem (even if they’re fatter than their friends)
  • what you should never say to your kids about their body (and what to stay instead)
  • how to handle family members’ criticism and “suggestions” about your kid’s health or size (“we only want the best for them”)
  • the only thing your kids actually need from you when it comes to developing a healthy body image.




Because of the personal and sensitive nature of this workshop,
each session is limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

Wow. What a phenomenal talk you gave. Your content is amazing. I learned so much.

Penina S.

OOOPS. Have we met?

picture of Eliana green background
Our value in the world has nothing to do with what we look like - and I want every parent to know who to raise kids who believe that too. ​

Hey, I'm Eliana, mom of 4 kids between the ages of 2 and 8 years old.  After struggling to feed my first born, I began my journey to intuitive eating. I encountered the negative messages our children get about their bodies. And,  while we parents want to do right, we often end up harming our kids. I learned the science behind healthy eating habits and positive body images. Now, it’s my mission to share that with you.

My approach is aligned with Intuitive Eating, Ellyn Satter Feeding Dynamics and HAES. It's accepted as the best way to feeds who have a healthy relationship to food and reduce risks of disordered eating and eating disorders.

I always believed I was an overweight child. While I have made enormous strides in my own relationship with food and eating, I found myself defaulting to trying to ‘manage’ my 9yo’s weight and body.. Eliana is helping me to engage differently with a) how my child eats, b) her pre-teen body, and c) prevailing diet culture. Eliana’s content has also given me the words to present this way of thinking to my husband. Eliana herself is a marvel: smart, assertive, kind and firm. Her courses are fantastic.

Tiffany Markman

“I was worried that my daughter’s sudden change in eating was an emotional escape. Now, she eats the amount that she feels comfortable with. Food isn’t such a focus. I have let go of anxiety around food and now trust my child knows what they need and what’s good for her body and I accept her for who she is. Every child is different. What surprised me most was how quickly I noticed a shift in her behaviour around food when I changed gear. My stuff was projecting onto her. Mealtimes used to be stressful and anxiety-provoking and now are a connecting time and a trusting space”

Tzivia P, mom of 8-year-old

"Having an overweight daughter is not easy. Every day is a battle - not with your daughter - but within YOURSELF. Eliana’s course gave me hope and encouragement that it's not only about the now. It's about your daughter’s whole life-and her relationship with food. I'm so grateful that I did the course before I messed her up- as my job is NOT to make my daughter thin-it's to help her have a good self- esteem and a healthy body.”

MP, mom of 10-year-old girl

“I have learned that everyone has different bodies and how to accept that. I trust how his body needs to develop and I have noticed my child leaving food on his plate. I learned that body weight does not define people. I was surprised how our attitudes and conversations affected the issues. We have more family meals, and mealtimes are relaxed instead of stressful."

AR, mom of 12 year-old-boy

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"Raising kids with a positive body image in a weight-obsessed world"




Got questions? I’d love to answer them.

I also offer private workshops for schools, organisations or professional groups. 

Contact me on eliana@feedingcoach.co.za

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