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You’re here because you’re a smart, proactive and intuitive parent.

And you’ve realized that you need a different perspective if you want your kids to eat healthily and have a great body image (even if you don’t have one yet).

You’ve tried a lot of things – books, blogs, IG accounts, instapots, mealprep.

But still, you’re missing the one ingredient: confidence in your feeding strategy.

You keep questioning if yoú’re feeding your kids too little.  or too much or too often.

You want them to eat a balanced diet without the everpresent stress- but it seems impossible.

You want a plan that

works for your child's personality and preferences

makes your life easier

solves regular struggles with birthday parties, school lunches and weekends at grandma

Deep breath, Mama.
It's not your fault. You ARE amazing.
And I'm here to help.

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I’m Eliana, mom of 4 feisty and fabulous kiddies aged 8, 6, 4 & 1. I’m passionate (okay, obsessed) with helping moms reduce stress around feeding, so they can raise kids who have a healthy relationship with food. When the feeding relationship is in place, kids beging eat brilliantly and life is so much calmer. I use an evidence-based model to give you a practical & well-rounded program to raise kids who are a joy to feed – and love their bodies for life. 

Parenting is hard enough – without fighting with your kids about food.

I learned the hard way. You don’t have to.

Parents who feed their kids sugar and processed food are negligent. I will NEVER do that. I will never give them unhealthy food or send chocolate to school in their lunch box. I pin recipes of organic chia seeds muffins & homemade bread. I will do this right.

The wheels fall off. My daughter stops growing at 4 months. The doctors aren’t worried (you aren’t exactly 6 foot, they say) but I freak out. I plunge into panic & guilt. I have failed at my ONE job. Enter a nightmare of force feeding her in the bath and hiding egg yolks in the yoghurt and crying when the doctor weighed her. I lie in bed counting how little she’s eaten, and making lists of ideas to entice her Guilt. Shame. Fear. Terror. All I want her to do is thrive, but she won’t eat enough I buy books. Read blogs. and talk to friends. Their advice is useless, patchy and subjective. I want a step-by-step system of what to do & why to do it. I want the understanding and the know-how. I want to know that I am doing it RIGHT - without guessing or gambling on my kid’s health.

Stumbled across sDOR and Ellyn Satter. Something clicks. I start following the Division of Responsibility. The choking rope around my neck loosens. It’s not my fault. I forgive myself. I let go. She starts eating. I start enjoying being a mother.

Life is full and blessed and HECTIC. sDOR saves me every day. My 3 year old will only eat fruit for supper. I am okay with it. He’s tiny and falls off the growth chart, but now I know it’s his genes. My 1 year old refuses all fruit and vegetables. I fear he will get scurvy. But I don’t force or threaten or bribe or hide veggies in his meatballs. Dinner is fun and calm and my kids astound me.

Kids get older. I can’t hide chocolate from there anymore. They know about neon colored slush and Coke. I study sDOR and Intuitive Eating. Everywhere I look mothers and fathers and kids have messed up relationships with food and hate their bodies I want something different. I want my kids to listen to their bodies and nourish them and enjoy food. I follow sDOR even when they binge on candy. It takes patience and more patience, but I bite my tongue. Little wins happen more often. They turn down ice-cream after dinner because they are full. They choose celery over cookies. They rejoice when the lentils arrive, and beg for more chocolate bars too. Food doesn’t define us. It serves us

Your story can have a happy ending, too.

Join the Feeding Coach and get:

The confidence you crave.

The calm you dream of. 

The joy you deserve. 

Your child’s healthy future starts now.

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