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7 easy-peasy deconstructed dinners that your pickiest eaters will love

Kitchen closed! Wholesome 5-minute holiday meals for moms who need a break

Holidays in the Southern Hemisphere!

5 weeks off school. No routine!

5 weeks of being a full-time driver, entertainer, referee, cook and waiter!

What am I going to feed my family?

Here are some easy ideas to get us through the holidays.

It’s your holiday too, so make it easy. Buy take-outs, ready-made meals, deli food – whatever you need to get through.  There are lots of foods I don’t usually serve but make use of for ease and survival in the holidays 😊

And remember! NO guilt

My goal is minimal prep eg as little as I can of chopping, peeling, cooking, sauteing and the like. Even chopping a salad can be too much some days!

Remember your freezer is your best friend, along with some smart items to stock up with from the shops.

  1. Burgers/ boerewors

Stash your freezer with burger patties and beef sausages/ boerewors. Fry on the stove, grill in the oven or George Foreman.  Pair with a roll, cut up veggies and you have a filling meal for hungry tummies.

  1. Pasta + ready-made sauces

The supermarkets are filled with ready-made sauces. Boil pasta, add the sauce, plus cheese/ tuna and voila – a yummy meal. Many restaurants also sell ready-made pasta sauces like spinach, mushroom and the like if you want to be super fancy.

  1. Bagels/ wraps + fillings

Stash your freezer with bagels. Serve with tuna mayo, cheese, boiled eggs, boiled eggs and lots of cut-up veggies. Pop into the snackwich machine if you like.  Yum

  1. Store-bought rotisserie chicken

Buy a whole chicken. Pop some oven chips in the oven or bake whole potatoes. Add some sides and you have a yummy wholesome meal.

  1. Shwarma

Fry shwarma meat, serve with bought dips and salads (or make your own salad)

  1. Slow cooker chicken: Dump a whole frozen chicken in the slow cooker. Throw in some whole onions, whole baby potatoes. Spice with paprika, garlic, salt, herbs. Cook on low from the morning.


  1. Lamb stew. Dump in 2 kg stewing lamb + 2 tinned tomatoes + 2 teaspoons crushed garlic + fried rosemary. Cook on low for at least 8 hours in slow cooker. Cook rice in the microwave. instant supper. Heaven melt in your mouth lamb stew!

Side dishes:

Fresh vegetables
Even chopping veggies seems like too much!

Here’s how to get in some fruit and veggies with no effort.

At every meal, serve whole baby tomatoes, mini cucumbers and ready bought shredded lettuce.

Bottles of yummy dressings (we love honey-mustard from Ina Paarman) will make it more enticing!

Whole fruit:
Grapes, nectarines, peaches, litchis

Other veggies
– Frozen peas, carrots, corn
– baked whole potatoes, sweet potatoes and even butternut. wrap whole vegetables in foil, bake in the oven until very soft. Serve with butter/ olive oil and salt if you like. Delicious side with no chopping or peeling or even a pan to clean up.

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